Olympiad 2013

XXXIII. Olympiad for Racing Pigeons 2013 Slovakia

In April 1923 the first association of breeders of racing pigeons was established in Liptovský Svätý Mikuláš, Slovakia, which creation and establishment is reliably documented. With this act, the history of breeding and races with racing pigeons starts in our beautiful country in the heart of Europe. Nowadays more than four thousands fanciers are doing organised breeding of racing pigeons and they are all organised in Slovak Federation of Racing Pigeon Fanciers .

We have decided to remind ourselves 90th anniversary of organised racing pigeons sport in Slovakia by organising the biggest event – Olympics of racing pigeons.

We accepted decision of the FCI Congress in Oostende with pleasure because we were approved by the organisation of the XXXIII. Olympics. The possibility of organising Olympics is the impuls and encouragement for present generation of fanciers of racing pigeons and appreciation of work of previous generations of fanciers who paticipated on development of this sport in Slovakia.

Slovakia is a country with a rich history, with beautiful natural monuments where hardworking and hospitable people live. Despite the fact that we do not belong to the wealthiest countries of the World, we can state that we know how to organise events of the highest class. We believe, that what others have done in other areas, we - Slovak Federation of Racing Pigeon Fanciers - can achieve by organising XXXIII. FCI Olympics on a high class level.

We would like to invite you to XXXIII. Olympics of racing pigeons, which will take place on 24.- 27. January 2013 in Nitra in Slovakia. We would like to invite you as well to participate on events of World Championship 2012, which will take place in Nitra. Final race of this event is planned to be on 15th of September 2012.

Your presence will be a pleasure for us and we will do our best to prepare an event, you will remember for a long time.

Juraj Kurek

Head of Organising Committee of XXXIII. FCI Olympics in Nitra