Official race #2 - Přerov (145 km)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The second official race has been completed (Wednesday 29th of August 2012). It was necessary to wait with the release because of the rain, which was quickly moving from the Austrian border to the North. Some provinces organised their first races on that same day (in Slovakia August 29 is a national holiday (in memory of the Slovak National Uprising), so to avoid the clashing and mixture of flocks of birds, we waited till 8:15 am to liberate the birds.


 137 new pictures of official race nr. 2 - here.

The pigeons were released at 8:15 in Přerov (Czech Republic). At approx. 10:13 three pigeons had arrived, which were followed by a group of 4 pigeons. They were circling around the loft a few times. It took about 20 minutes until 1/3 of the pigeons were clocked.

Now the clocking list is divided between a competition for old fanciers and a competition for young fanciers.

Official race 2 - Přerov (145 km)  FCI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP:

1 ZEHNDER U.    CH      12      1239  10:15:32:20
2 OROLÍN M.     SK    2807  12     2  10:15:43:81
3 HOORNAERT A.  BELG    12   8011839  10:15:47:03

Official race 2 - Přerov (145 km)  FCI YOUTH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP:

1 BUCHER S.     CH      12     21271  10:15:13:10
2 GAVER-VROE    BELG    12   4253552  10:15:15:25
3 KÉPES-HARJAY  HUNG O  12     16883  10:15:35:79


08:15 Pigeons were released at 8:15 in Přerov (145 km).


06:45 - Despite of the ideal weather forecast, the reality is "little bit" different (look to radar slide below). We need to wait with release till 7:30-8:00.


Tuesdays, August 28, 2012

Tomorrow the official race #2 will be held. The weather forecast is good.

We will keep you informed.


Meteogram for next days below - temperature (teplota), cloudiness (oblacnost) and wind (vietor):

Teplota(cierna), MIN(modra) a MAX(cervena) v 2 metroch nad povrchom [st.C]

Temperature(black), MIN(blue) and MAX(red) at 2 meters above ground [deg.C]
Celkova(zlta), nizka(cervena), stredna(zelena) a vysoka(modra) oblacnost [%]
Total(yellow), low(red), middle(green) and high(blue) cloudiness [%]
hrn zrazok: dazd(modra) a sneh(seda) [mm]
Precipitation rate: rain(blue) and snow(grey) [mm]
Tlak(modra) redukovany na hladinu mora [hPa]
Mean sea level pressure(blue) [hPa]
Rychlost(modra) a narazy(zelena) vetra v 10 metroch nad povrchom [m/s]
Wind speed(blue) and wind gusts(green) at 10 meters above ground [m/s]
Smer vetra(cervena) v 10 metroch nad povrchom [svetove strany]
Wind direction(red) at 10 meters above ground [cardinal points]