Training #1 - result

Thurstday, 2012-08-02

 Dear friends,

the 489  pigeons were basketed yesterday.  The weather forecast of the night before and the forecast of Thurstday morning were good. Sun with a temperature of 25 ° C.

Pigeons wee released today morning in Drazovce at a distance of 8 km from the loft.

To avoid big losses, which are often phenomenon of first releases, we decided to divide pigeons into 3 separate groups.

The first group (about 160 pigeons) were released at 7:00. Around 7:20, the first group arrived - about 300 pigeons (only half belonged to our one-loft race, the rest belongs to fanciers who live in Nitra).

The second group was released at 7:15 and the third group at 7:30. Each of them arrived after cca 15 minutes.

For this reason – that pigeons were not released together as 1 group - does not make sense to publish clocking list. We just publish a list of missing pigeons.

At 8:00 about 460 pigeons had returned.