Ticket Reservation for FCI Gala Evening


 As a part of official Program of 33rd Racing Pigeon Olympiad, on 26th of January will be held FCI Gala Evening. Event will begin at 19:00 in Estrádna hala PKO Nitra, ul. Janka Kráľa 1048/4, Nitra-Staré Mesto.

You can book your tickets with Secretary of Slovak Federation of Racing Pigeon Fanciers. Price for one ticket id 70 EUR (1 person). Resevations will be accepted and confirmed by telephone or by e-mail after receiving payment transferred to Slovaf Federation Bank Account:

UniCredit Bank Slovakia a.s., IBAN: SK4711110000006619561052, SWIFT  BIC: UNCRSKBX.

As Payment Reference, please use ID of person that will pick up the ticket(s). In message for Receiving subject please provide your name, e-mail, Nr of Tickets. The more data you will provide with your payment, the less complications can be with identifying your payment.

Tickets can be picked up in Slovak Federation Stall in hall M1 on Friday and saturday during Exhibition hours

There are two floors for the Gala Evening. On lower floor there are 15 tables (10 person each) and on the upper floor there are tables for 8 and 4 persons each. Tickets for upper floor will be sold after selling out tickets for full capacity of lower floor.

Following items are included in price of 1 ticket:

- toast

- 0,33 L mineral water

- 0,33 L flavoured soda 

- presso with milk

- 3x Oil Cake (made of puff pastry)

- 0,5 L of dry Wine (red or white)

- Appetizer

- 1st dinner

- 2nd dinner (buffet)

- 2x Cake (variety of 4 different Cakes)

Cultural program, artists and guests:

- Roman Malatinec (fujara)

- Lidovec (Singer Group)

- Ponitran (Folk Group)

- Maguranka (Brass Band)

- Lúče (Dance Group)

- Beáta Dubasová (Guest of the Evening)

- moderators: Peter Gecík & Dominika Dadíková


In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact us at