More trening yb.

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Shortcut United Kingdom

no long time left to final 420km and yb on 65 km to me and frends big question?

how the birds can flyning final race 420 km if the stil on the 65 km trening and 26 days left

YB have to be trening every 2 days  an longer dyst.


1 day off


2 day off

race 150km

4 day off

race 250km

2-3 day off

trening 100km

2- day off

race 200km

2 days off

100km trening

4 day off

Final  420km

That only example


thanks and good luck





22 Aug 2012, 10:42Website
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Shortcut Italy

I think trainings and races plan before final race is ok: it's better to do more trainings with not more than km 100 at the beginning to "learn" youngsters than to go fast and fast.

This year we have seen that a large number of One lofts  around the World there were a "hundred Missing Pigeons"  and this happens during the first training.

Slovak organization I think has done a superb work until now with not so many missing pieons.

If weather condition will goes on ok, they have time to bring a large team to final race km 420 next sunday 16/9/12.

Even if the km are not so much,Final is Final and that day the best of the best will Win 1 prize.For partecipants the only " goal" is to see his pigeon basketed to final race and not lost after 1 training ( probably with a 10 km distance...).


Sport greetings 


Christian Cossa- delegate for Italy to FCI sport commission 

22 Aug 2012, 22:55

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